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I have a Samsung 37a550, which I love in terms of the image, remote control, price (got it on sale at $899). BUT there is no way to control the audio out via the TV. I am not looking for stellar audio, just better than built-in. I bought a pair of Bose PC speakers for $100, and they sound great -- as much bass and full sound as I am looking for. But I can't control the audio level through the Sammy.

Someone told me in another thread that their Vizio can control the audio-out level. Could I replace my Sammy a550 with a Vizio or another brand (LG, Sony) near this pricepoint for a 37" 1080p, and also get to control over the audio?

Which is the best 37" Vizio model? Is it the VO37LF? Of course, I'm not a warehouse club member, so I'll have to join just to get the TV
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