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I have an HTPC still running XP SP3. It is used mainly for recording/viewing OTA TV using BeyondTV. I also use it for streaming Hulu, etc. Realtek audio is onboard 8.1 on an ASUS board. All outputs are going through a Pioneer 1020 AVR.

I have HDMI out, but use optical also since this is the only way Dolby Digital will output from BeyondTV. About a week ago I no longer was getting audio out through optical when using either WMP or internet streaming, but it works fine in BeyondTV. Also, I could get audio out using the ATI HDMI out with WMP or streaming.

I have tried reinstalling the Realtek drivers, tried installing 3rd party codecs and even found what was supposed to be a Realtek HD patch for XP. Nothing has worked.

I plan on upgrading to Win 7 in a month or so which will most likely solve the problem, but am curious as to what is wrong with it right now. Would appreciate any answers.
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