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I taped the Aerosmith concert off of A&E from my 6200 to my jvc, I have composite hookup going to the 6200 from the JVC 30 for taping analog stations.....

When I played it back, picture came out perfect but it seems like I might be missing either the left or the right on the audio..I'm not sure..

Ok the only thing that seems missing is Joe Perry's guitar..Brad whitford's guitar comes thru nice and loud, whenever Perry starts soloing you cannot hear what he is playing....I find it hard to believe Aerosmith would have let this broadcast if it was the sound mix..... Or recording...

I have my JVC hooked up with the Fiber Optical audio cable for playback thru my stereo..I don't have any other RCA's hooked up to the back of the audio outputs on the jvc....I taped using the F-1 input with video, and audio L and R jacks going in to the JVC..

Should I have been doing something different?


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