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When playing ripped DVDs or LiveTV within WMC I get about 1-2 seconds of audio, that repeats over and over while the video keeps playing normally. But after about 10 seconds I get the blue "Video Error" screen.

If I set up my speakers in WMC I hear the test tone always come from the LF speaker and then at the end of the test I lose all sound within WMC (even system sounds) and have to restart WMC and then the system sounds within WMC are restored.

Ripped CDs play fine within WMC and WMP.

Drivers are up to date and say they are installed correctly. Testing the sounds setup from the windows desktop I get sounds from all 5 speakers and sub

Ripped DVDs and MKV play fine in WMP, MPC-HC, Boxee and even folder BR rips play fine in the external version of arcsoft TMT 5 v1.14 with sound coming from all 5 speakers. However using the MCE plugin version of TMT fails to play ripped BRs

Running W7 x64 SP1 with first gen i3 - Have shark007 v3.03 installed - tried with shark007 uninstalled, with shark007 default settings, with shark007 suggested settings - no change in behavior.

Also removed intel hdaudio from device manager and reinstalling intel hd graphics drivers but no luck.

I have a server running WHS v1 so I have a backup as a last resort. I would be grateful for any suggestions and even general help in how to go about troubleshooting the problem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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