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Audio Problems

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I have a Kenwood VR407 receiver and it recently does not play the subwoofer in Stereo mode. I can switch to DTS, or 5.1 and it will work, but in stereo it will not. On he tuner, I can switch to pro-logic and it works. Can anyone help explain what is wrong? The set-up shows "subwoofer yes". Thanks for any help.
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I am not familiar with that model of Kenwood, but if the sub is connected to your LFE output it will not play in stereo mode.



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toshiba5, my father has a similar model Kenwood. If you go into the audio setup menus you should find a "subwoofer remix" button/section. With subwoofer remix on it will let you play the subwoofer from the LFE connection in stereo mode.
Thanks for your help guys, basically my brother didn't like the bass, so he turned the subwoofer off, which sets the front speaker settings to large and eliminates the subwoofer. When he turned the subwoofer back to yes, it kept the large setting and would not use the subwoofer. Thanks again for your help.
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