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I need to decide on a case for my putative audio server. Details are below. Your advice is requested.

I am putting together an audio server for my system. It will go into my audio closet which has the preamp and 600 watt power amp. There is a dedicated 20 amp line for the closet. I intend to run WM10 on the system using XP Pro with the system set to accept a remote system to operate it (headless). Thus I will use our laptop to run WM10 and choose alblums/playlists etc. I have a working 802.g wireless system in my house now.

I will be taking down 2 SONY Jukeboxes (400 CDs ) currently in my closet and putting those into the system along with 600 other CDs we have on other audio systems in the house. I will use WMA lossless.

I will use an existing Asus P4T-E mother board with P 4 2gig processor and 512 memory.

I am thinking of an Antec 480 True power version I or version II power supply.

I intend to use 1 500 gig sata drive, 1 250 gig sata drive, and a 300 gig ide. This should be enough to have a back up of all the CDs I rip figuring 300mb per CD as well as the OS in the box to give some redundancy.

I will use a Lynx #1 audio card to my high quality preamp.

An ATI or Nvidia vga card.

A wireless PCI card (buffalo).

A SGII Combocard for USB and the SATAs

1 CD RW drive ( an old Plextor I have).

I need to decide on a case. Will the LC 14 case work for this? There are some eviews that say installation is rather hard and that the case in real use was loud because of case vibrations.

Are there other cases that might bbe better for me uinder $200?

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