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I am setting up an audio system for a bar I'm starting and want to know if the equipment I'm considering is adequate.  Most of the time, it will be used to play light bar music and to play audio from the tvs, but it will occasionally need to be loud enough to give a club feel for loud music and dancing.


I'm trying to stay within a budget of $5,000 for materials and that includes the mixer, equalizers, speakers and woofers.


I've chosen JBL speakers and Behringer amps/equalizer due to their relatively low price and good reviews.


This is the floorplan of the room:

It is approximately 1,000 square feet.  On 3 of the walls, there is no windows.  The main entrance at the top is floor to ceiling glass, including the doors and is approximately 17' wide.  The top left corner that is slanted will contain the dj booth with all the sound controls.


I am considering installing 8 of these speakers:


I plan to wall mount them around the room, 9' high, 1 in each corner and 1 in the middle of each wall.


For the bass, I am considering either using 2 of these wall mounted subs:



Or 1 of these these floor subs:


To power this system, I'm considering using 2 of these amps:


And this for an equalizer:


The system will be controlled using a Pioneer DDJ-SX:



As I am not a sound professional, I want to know if this system sounds like a good one.  And if not, what changes or additions do I need to make to the setup to achieve my desired sound quality.


Thanks alot for any advice.
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