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I'm trying to decide on an audio system for an awkwardly shaped room; it's a living room / dining area in a condo. I'd like some kind of home theater set-up so that movies and TV shows will sound good, but above all I would like to have the best sound I can in playing music. I'd also like to stream music, ideally using AirPlay but, failing that, in some other way.

Running wires to the rear speakers of a 5.1 system is a problem, unless they go in the walls. I don't know how easy or feasible that would be in a condo, and the room shape makes me wonder where they would go, because the natural place for the left rear speaker is where you enter the room--so there's no wall to attach it to.

The Bose Cinemate soundbar is one attractive possibility. But the only way to stream music with AirPlay would be using Apple TV, which means you need the TV on whenever music is playing (which seems a little inconvenient). An AirPlay-capable receiver plus some good speakers is also attractive, except for the quandary about wiring and speaker placement.

If anyone has suggtions, I'd be grateful. Thanks.
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