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Yesterday I was playing music and in the middle of a song I noticed the volume drop significantly... Go to check and sure enough no audio was coming out of the center channel. It just stopped.

I checked the test tones and there was audio coming out. I then put a Blu-ray in (Mad Men) and during the main titles opening there was no audio coming out again. (I usually leave it on AUTO SURROUND mode).

I then performed a factory reset and did the MCACC calibration again. Put Mad Men back in, still no audio coming out of the center during the opening. But then the episode started and I was getting audio out of the center, so I assumed it was just the opening music and the problem was fixed. (Can any Mad Men fan confirm that the opening theme music does come out of the center? I could have sworn it did but thought maybe I was remembering it wrong...)

Earlier today I put my iPod back in and then it was happening again...no audio out of the center. Instead of Auto Surround I switched it to DPL II Music. There was audio coming out of the center, but it seemed...different. Very faint. It doesn't sound too good. Switch it to stereo mode and there's nothing.

Put The Dark Knight in and I get audio out of the center but it also seems different than it used. A bit quiter, I guess. And muffled.

I'm really not sure what/how this happened. I just bought a new receiver and speakers less than two months ago.

I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-80 and the center is an Infinity Primus PC351. Both are new.

I hooked up my old center to see if the problem was the Infinity but the same thing was happening. I'm very confused and not sure what happened/what to do to fix it.
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