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Audio Stuttering in Win XP

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I upgraded to XP today, and I was shocked at how easily it found all of the needed drivers. However, I now get audio "stuttering" (it cuts out for a split second every 5 to 10 seconds.)

I have a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 and a S/PDIF daughter card (don't remember the brand). This stuttering only occurs in S/PDIF (5.1) mode, in stereo it's fine. WinDVD 2.8, 3.0 and Power DVD all stutter (PowerDVD stutters in 2 channel).

Help, it's movie night tonight!!

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I have a similar problem. MS put a new version of Creative's driver into Windows Update last night, I'm hoping it helps.

Sometimes when you play a scene, the audio will be "choppy". The only way to fix it is to pause/unpause.

Also verify that your dvd-rom is in DMA mode - on my machine it refused to enable DMA on the VIA controller for the DVD. Fortunally my board has a 2nd Promise controller that worked OK.
Check your IRQ's as well - I was afraid this might happen when I saw the XP was built on Windows 2K. Studder usually means one of 2 things either some hardware is too slow and can't keep up (DMA) or something is interupting a service (IRQ).
Oh dear, the XP saga starts............................
Even though XP is the latest and greatest, I would suggest that most people wait a few months before upgrading. Leave the production testing to the large corporations and have MS iron out the bugs. This from my cousin, one of the programmers at MS.
Sorry, but most large corporations and IS shops are not going to do this. All of the business that I have worked for have the attitude that they are not test beds. Most either wait 6 months or until after the first service pack (yes I know, xp would be second service pack since SP1 predates release). Others go one full version behind. I work at a place that is still using NT4 at it's main client platform.
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