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Audio sync issues w/ Samsung HD941

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Apologies if I missed a thread on this, but some preliminary search hasn't turned up anything.

I'm currently running a Samsung DVD-HD941 into a 42" Panny 7UY via HDMI, and while watching a DVD last night I noticed some significant audio sync'ing issues -- simply put, the audio wasn't in sync with the video (very very noticable while people were speaking).

FYI, I'm running audio through the TV's attached speakers until my HT setup is complete -- so audio is coming direct via HDMI into the set.

Not sure if this is an issue with the DVD player or the TV (but the problem does NOT appear while watching TV with my TiVO over S-Video).

Any ideas? Is this a known problem?


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You might find some insight here .

If your plasma is like my Panasonic 42" 5UY, I find I need 85 msec delay to compensate for the deinterlacing either in my display (from DVD or STB) or DVD player.
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