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Audio System Suggestions?

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I need/want to buy a home audio system to complete my setup and was trying to get some suggestions.

I have a Samsung 42" 1080p plasma, Xbox360 elite and a PS3. It will be used mostly for gaming and watching Blu-Ray movies.

I really don't want to spend a lot on the system and its in an apartment so I don't think I need a 7.1 or anything 5.1 will work.

I like good deep bass, there is a setup at BB that I like with a Harmon-Kardon reciever and JBL floor-standing speakers and a really nice powered sub, but its a little more than I want to spend (over $1000) and the reciever is silver while my TV, Xbox, and PS3 are all black. (trivial I know but i'd like them to match).

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Check out some of the Onkyo systems - I've never been disappointed with their components/systems. There's also a great thread on this site with some mix 'n match system suggestions - really good reading, and you could have a great system for little $$.

As for the silver color on some components, it's not trivial to me, either. All of my equipment is black and when DirecTV only had silver STBs, I actually made a smoked plastic cover plate for the front of it. Everything matches again.
Sounds cool, do you by any chance have a link to that thread?

I was thinking of maybe buying a decent reciever and a set of floor-speakers for the front along with a center and a sub and having just a 3.1 system.

I'll try and search for that thread, Thanks!
It's the Alternatives thread stickied up top.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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