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I'm getting audio and video out of sync problems-mainly with my home videos I make via MiniDV camcorder.

Process is:

1. Take home video through MiniDV camcorder (not digital/HD or 5.1 surround sound capable)

2. Hook up to my computer via firewire cable

3. Loads movie onto my computer with Nero Platnium software-(using best video quality I can and regular surround sound)

4. Burn onto my HD as a DVD.

5. Watch it on my computer from HD I just recorded it on.

6. Everything seems fine.

Now comes the problems:

1. I transfer the movie file to my HTPC computer.

2. The video is outputed to my HDTV via DVI cable and the sound is outputed to my digital 5.1 Stereo Reciever via optical cable from my sound card.

3. Each of these cables is about 15' long.

4. The start of the movies always seems fine, as time goes on and you progress through the movie, audio and video sync problems start to become noticeable, and by end of movie are very noticeable to point where I can't stand watching it because so out of sync.

Could it be the length of the cables? Or, movie recorded in regular surround sound but know being outputed through a optical cable?

Any ideas? thanks
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