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I am having a problem with my new Pioneer Audio/Video receiver, VSX-1019AH-K talking to my Mitsubishi DLP Hi Def TV WD-73733. When I tried to use the Receiver's Graphic User Interface to setup the receiver, the TV did not recognize it under the HDMI Inputs (1,2 or 3). When I switched the receiver to DVD Recorder, the TV did not recognize the input from the receiver for the DVD to the TV.

I tested the TV's 3 HDMI inputs with a Toshiba DVD recorder and they worked just fine on all three. The TV recognized the DVD recorder on each HDMI input.

I also tested both HDMI cables that I was using and they both worked properly with the DVD Recorder.

I then connected the Receiver with component inputs, and the GUI worked fine, but again the TV did not recognize the DVD that was attached to the Receiver.

At this point, I called Mitsubishi to see if there was any reason why the TV could not recognize HDMI input from the Pioneer Receiver. The Rep said that the TV should recognize the Receiver and if the HDMI inputs were working, then the problem must be with the Receiver.

I called Pioneer and explained all the troubleshooting that I had done and he agreed with the Mitsubishi Rep that the problem was more than likely in the Receiver's HDMI output board.

The receiver is still under warranty but I want to make sure that I have done all I could to troubleshoot this problem. My questions are "Have I done all that I could to isolate the problem; Is there something that I have overlooked and finally Is there a conflict between my Pioneer AV Receiver and the Mitsubshi HD TV that no one knows about?" I don't want to look like a fool when I take it in to the Pioneer shop for repair.


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