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Audio/Video Stores in Toronto

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I am traveling up to the Toronto, Canada area a couple times in the next month and I have read some recent posts about traveling to Canada for the exchange rate to save some money. I have been interested in Paradigm and Axiom speakers for quite sometime now and I was hoping that somebody could point me in the direction of a couple of good stores up there.

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Well, for Axioms you'll have to drive about 3 hours North of Toronto. That's where they 'make' them. For Paradigms you can go to Bay Bloor Radio, located...well, on the corner of Bay and Bloor. On the way to Toronto (about 45 minutes before) you'll pass by a city called Hamilton. Go there on Barton Street East to a place called East Hamilton Radio---You won't be dissapointed.

Here are links to the places:


My friends and I have gotten excellent deals on Paradigms at Kromer Radio on Bathurst.

Bay Bloor has good service but is awfully expensive.
they actually have axiom speakers at a place called laserland in oakville, ontario. oakville is just 1/2 hour west of toronto and i have auditioned the axiom m80t speakes there. check out www.laserland.com
Bay Bloor radio doesn't carry Paradigms. They do Energy and Totem speakers, both Canadian made.

Audio One has the full line of Paradigms. http://www.audio-one.ca/ [/url]. They are @ Steeles & Jane
I would also second East Hamilton Radio.

But also Natural Sound in Kitchener, which is 1 hour west of Toronto.

Natural Sound has been a Paradigm, Klipsch, & Yamaha dealer since "time began", and a great bunch of sales-guys who have been working there for years and years.

However, at this current time, the Canadian dollar is very strong against the US dollar so the exhange rate won't do you much good like it used to.

- Andy
Audio Excellence in Richmond Hill...

Brack Electronics on Front...

Sound Designs in the Distillery District...
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