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Audiolab 6000A setup help

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Hey guys I bought an Audiolab 6000A to pair with my Dali Oberon 5s. I am using preouts on my Denon AVR to stream tidal music. After hooking it up I have the Denon at -30db and well I have to turn the Audiolab at least to -15! for my music to be 70 db with my Sound Meter. I sit about 7-8 feet from the speakers in a 11x14 room. Should I turn the Denon all the way up so I don’t have to turn up the Audiolab so far? Any help sure would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
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Hi. If you want to use the Denon as a preamp, you can choose to use the 6000A as a power amp by connecting the Denon's pre-outs to the 6000A's "Power in" inputs, and configuring the Audiolab as a power amp using the front main selector.

You would then only be using the Denon's volume control, and bypassing the 6000A's volume control.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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