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audiophile-quality DB25 interconnects?

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please accept my apologies in advance for the cross-posting, but i really wasn't sure which groups to ask this in, as the topic seems to apply to a few of them...

anyway, my Parasound pre/pro combo utilizes a DB25 connector for multichannel audio and i was hoping to upgrade from the stock cable... i vaguely remember at least one high-end cable company was marketing one, but can't remember who. does anyone know of companies that are still offering these types of cables? better yet, does anyone have one?

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I Know Monster Cable makes one. Don't know if you consider it high end but it's about a hundred bucks. I used the version that went from 6 RCA plugs to a DB-25 several years ago to connect my AC-3 decoder to my Onkyo 919 rec. Worked just fine.

monster does have one available. you can find it here:


I do not work for onecall or monster, I've just been in a looking for a similar product for a while. finding these is like finding gold.

I have used onecall once in the past.. I had no problems with there service.

Hope this helps.

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