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Goal: I want to be able to listen to my stereo inside the house while (at the same time - same "zone") listening to it outside through a single Rocketfish Rocketboost wireless speaker.

Problem: When hooking up the Rocketfish wireless transmitter, it's default configuration is to use the AVR headphone jack as it's input. However, this switches my AVR (Marantz NR1602) and routes ALL audio to the headphone jack - cutting out the main speakers. I have not found a way to override this behavior in the AVR settings so that audio goes through both the headphone jack and the main speakers. Alternately, the Wireless Transmitter has an RCA connection option too, but the AVR does not have RCA Audio Out. I attempted to hook the RCA connectors to the AVR pre-out's, but the resulting volume level was too low to be usable.

Potential Solution: I found an AudioSource AMP-100 (refurbished) on e-bay for $85 (free shipping). This is a simple 50 watt per channel amp, but I don't have a need for it to drive my main speakers. It only needs to drive that wireless transmitter. So, the plan would be to hook the AudioSource AMP-100 to the Marantz through the pre-outs and then use the AMP's Line-Out (RCA) connection to drive the wireless transmitter.

Other options involve a specific "Headphone AMP" instead of the AMP-100. Since they are similarly priced, it seems that the AMP-100 might be more flexible for future uses (although I don't really have any future uses planned).

I'm almost embarrassed asking a question about a Rocketfish wireless speaker to this crowd of Audiophiles, but I have absolutely no experience with AMP's and getting this to work with my simple system is the "last piece" in my AV puzzle (for now).

Does anyone know if my potential solution would work? Is a specific Headphone Amp a better option?

Can anyone throw a dog a bone here?

P.S. Another Amp Option is: Parasound HCA-800II (which has a headphone jack I can use to drive the RocketFish transmitter)
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