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Audiosource Amp1 and Clark Synthesis 229`s

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I have just upgraded to the Clark units and I just hooked them up to my new Audiosource Amp1.Either this amp is over rated for power or I am doing something wrong.I was powering one Clark 229 with a Yamaha 590 receiver which is 75 watts.It did a good job,but I thought if I get the Audiosource Amp1,it would be even better.I now have 2 Clark 229`s and I hooked them up to the AIdiosource which is 80 watts per channel and I am barely getting anything out of them.I am hoping somebody has some suggestions because I am NOT impressed with this amplifier at all.
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Try the Clark website or call them directly, they will be equaly as unhappy that you are not satisfied and can make recommendations to help. Randy

Make sure you have full range selected on the output of what ever channel is feeding the clark.

I made a mistake once taking the rear spkrs output into some bass shakers and I got nothing. I forgot my rear spkrs were set to small and the bass was rolled off belowe 80hz. There was nothing there to feed the bass shaker.


Thanks Very Much!

Alan Gouger

AV Science
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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