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you know how TC drivers like LMS have a motor that screws off and a top assembly ?

well now imagine that the top assembly uses a PLASTIC baket and there is a separate cast aluminum basket that is permanently glued to the motor.

so the motor and basket mount to the box ... and then the top assembly mounts into this basket.

its almost like what TC has with one enormous difference - you dont have to remove the driver from the box to replace the top assembly !

another huge advantage is when mounting the driver you don't havve the top assembly in it so you can reach inside the box and BOLT THE MOTOR DIRECTLY TO BRACING ( the motor would have special mounts for that ). this way when building a box with two opposing drivers you could bolt their motors directly together too.

you also don't risk damaging your fingers either putting the driver in or taking it out because you always have a solid grip on the basket or even the motor itself with the cone out of the way.

the plastic "top basket" will be basically "pressed into" the aluminum basket by a couple of screws right where the screws would normally be in a box. it would have a few "pins" to center the top precisely relative to voice coil.

yet another benefit is that any accidents are likely to happen while handling the heavy motor so if at this time the top assembly is elsewhere it is not in danger of being accidentally damaged.

you might even use something other than screws to mount the top. it could be some sort of spring loaded thingies that would allow installing and removing the top assembly in about 15 seconds. you could literally just remove the top to feel how how the voice coil is and then put it right back.

also the terminals should be mounted to the main aluminum basket and the plastic basket should simply have contacts that would press into place. so you would not have to connect and disconnect wires to replace the top.

visually the driver would be almost indistiguishable from regular one as the plastic basket would hide completely behind the aluminum one. it would be essentially a single basket of two layers the inner of which is removable.

the plastic basket would cost PENNIES and make replacing the blown top much cheaper. it would derive its strength from the aluminum basked into which it would be pressed. some rubber gaskets could be used for reliable fit.

if you don't undertand the design feel free to ask questions.
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