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jpj6st's question "Aura Bass Shaker help?" from yesterday was somewhat like mine, so I'm going to be concise here.

I was planning to use a plate amp, but I'm intrigued by using my trusty old friend of a receiver (an Onkyo TX-84, circa 1988) to power some Aura Bass Shaker Pro's. Specifically, I want to use 8 shakers (4 ohms each) and the TX-84 has 60 watts per channel RMS at 8 ohms. The rear of the receiver states "A or B, 4 ohms minimum; A and B 8 ohms min", so I'm assuming the internal wiring is A in parallel to B. It also appears to have a "mono" mode for use with a "mono VCR" input, so I'm assuming that each speaker would receive the same audio signal; I'd probably use a 50 Hz low pass FMOD for the input, too.

I'm curious about (a.) the "per channel" terminology (thought I knew, but just want to be sure), (b.) the correct wiring, and (c.) the likelihood that the amp will be powerful enough.

a.) "60 watts per channel" would be 60 watts in each speaker (Left and Right), correct? So, I'd have 60 w to each of the four speakers L/R for both A and B?

b.) Assuming the above is correct, I'd like to wire the 8 shakers in pairs of two serially (i.e., two 4 ohm shakers would be like a single 8 ohm "speaker"). Then I could have the 4 pairs assigned as the L/R of the A "speakers" and the L/R of the B "speakers".

c.) Again, assuming "a.)" is correct, then each of my 4 "speakers" would see 60 watts, and each shaker would therefore get 30 w, so possibly enough to drive it well for LFE? (each shaker will be mounted individually in a chair)

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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