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Yesturday I read an article in MAKE magazine about the aura bass shaker and I have decided to install this into my (pathetic) home entertainment system. Right now I have no reciever, no surround sound, only a dvd player and a tv. I know I need a powered subwoofer to get the bass shakers to work. I am looking to spend under 200 dollars on a reciever + speaker deal. Right now the best one seems to be the Zenith XBS444 (This is my first post and thus I cannot use links... ) . The details, since I could not link to them, are at the bottom of this post. I also considered the Audiovox VD1400HT which seems to be very similar. I could not find a picture of the back of this (zenith) system to determine if it has the required outputs for the bass shakers. Can any one tell me if I would be ok with this system? It has a powered subwoofer and a Dolby Pro Logic Decoder. I think I need both of those. I am really quite new at this, so any and all help is appreciated. Also, if this system would now work, does anyone have a recommendation for one that would?



* Total System Power: 250W

* Front Surround: Power/Channel 35W x 3

* Rear Surround: Power/Channel 35W x 2

* Subwoofer System: 75W

* Full DVD & VCR Functionality

* 5 satellite speakers

* Super Woofer Extreme Bass Sound subwoofer

* DVD Disc Capacity: 1

* Dolby Digital Decoder: Yes

* DTS Decoder: Yes

* Dolby Pro Logic Decoder: Yes

* DSP Soundfields: 8

* Number of Speakers: 5 + subwoofer

* Satellite Speakers: 4 ohms, 1-way

* 5.1-Channel Input: Yes

* Digital Input: 1 optical

* Stereo Audio: Inputs/Outputs 2/0

* Rear A/V: Inputs/Outputs 1/1

* Front-Panel: A/V Inputs 1

* S-Video: Inputs/Outputs 0/1

* Component Video: Input/Output 0/1

* Composite Video: Outputs 0/1

* Tuning Presets: 30

* Remote Control: Standard

* RF Antenna Input: Yes

* On-Screen Display: Yes

* Total Harmonic Distortion: 10%

* AM/FM Tuner: 30 station preset

* Inputs: 2 stereo audio, 1 rear A/V, 1 front panel A/V, 1 optical digital audio, 1 RF antenna

* Outputs: 1 rear A/V, 1 S-video, 1 component video, 1 composite video

* Multi-format Disc Support DVD, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3-CD and VHS playback capabilities

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Hi Matt,

Welcome to the forums. You'll need basically two amplifiers/receivers to use bass shakers (assuming you want a surround speaker system, like an HTiB system as well). Get an HTiB such as the one you mentioned, but I'd recommend visiting the separate HTiB forum to get more details on a good system for your needs.

As for the bass shaker, you just need a separate amplifier, which can be a very cheap plate amp (e.g. from PartsExpress.com), or the best solution for the cheapest possible would be to find an old receiver or amplifier at a garage sale (as long as it works!), and pretty much anything will be able to power a couple of shakers. You didn't mention how many, but I'm assuming you're using one or two. You should be able to find an old receiver for $30 or so. Look in the classifieds as well, especially on boards at colleges, etc.

Good luck..
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