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Aura Bass Shaker - what to run?

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Hi all-

Another pre drywall wiring question.... Those of you who use the Aura Bass shakers, do you purchase the amps as well? Or did you power from your existing subwoofer. I'm trying to figure out where to run the RCA cables before the drywall goes up...


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If you run a separate amplifier, you'll have better control over the crossover frequency and levels on the bass shakers. That'll come in handy because your sub will be crossed over around 80 Hz, but you'll probably end up crossing over the bass shakers closer to 40-50 Hz and have them set at a different volume. You don't want to be rumbled out of your seat every time someone burps.
Humm I have another question. Do people normally run these off the LFE output or as some function of the mains or surrounds?
John has it right. Run the rca cable to wherever your amp will be, and pull speaker wire from there to the shaker locations.

I found that a cheap subwoofer plate amp is a good solution. It allows you to control volume and crossover frequency, and it is pretty inexpensive.

You can use an in-line crossover before sending the signal to a power amp if you do not have an amp with the crossover built in.

Yes, the LFE is probably your best bet, assuming that you have the bass managment set up to run the low frequencies from you mains to the LFE as well (mains set to "small").

Good luck.
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Thanks, one follow up question. You mention speaker cables but from what I've read I need to use RCA cables. What am I missing here?

See the following Aura setup illustration: http://www.keohi.com/keohihdtv/image...aker_setup.gif are the red lines representing speaker cable or RCA cables?

Also for future use, here's a helpful page:

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Hi again

Yes, the red lines definately are speaker cable. It need not be anything fancy, just regular 16 ga. speaker cable. Use in-wall rated cable where applicable.
The red lines represent speaker wire.
Hey Jeff, you type faster than I do! :)
I had 2 aura bass shakers mounted in my loveseat. Then we decided on a dedicated theater room. As I had 2 klipsch 12" subs...I wasn't looking for a ton of bass...but maybe some more shake... Then an idea hit while building the deck for my seating. I was using 2x8 lumber and running it every 12" for the deck. I was covering it with 2 layers of 3/4" plywood. I ordered 2 15" car subs. I basically turned the seating deck below the loveseat into a sub-woofer cabinet. The only modification...was running the center joists (under the loveseat)at 16" to accomodate the subs. The subs sit directly under the loveseat and are not visible from the room. I think the effect is great. . Give it some thought. I am really happy with the outcome.
Hey Guys!

I bought 4 Aura Bass Shakers, 2 of them with amps.

I found the amps to be bulky in the way of wires coming out of 2 sides. This makes thing a little awkward to leave them in a spot to be controlled.

So what I did was...

I got rid of the 2 Aura amps.

Put a RCA "Y" connector at my sub.

I ran a cable from the sub to an old JVC amp with another "Y" to right and left on "AUX" input.

The JVC amp is mounted under the end table where I sit.

On the Right side "speaker out", I ran speaker wire to 2 shakers in series in the Loveseat where I sit.

On the Left side "speaker out", I ran speaker wire to 2 shakers in series in the Sofa where my wife sits.

Now I have TOTAL CONTROL! (Balance from left to right)

The Shakers where mounted to the wooden leg support on a Lazy-boy.(not the part that moves.)

Make note, if mounting to a Lazy-boy, the whole unit moves so leave extra wire hanging so it doesn't get ripped off!!

This was the cheapest, yet the best addition to my HT.

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Here's an interesting note about bass shakers...when I wired my 4 shakers, I put one in my chair, one in my wife's, one in the pair of chairs behind me, and one in the pair behind her. Then, I hooked it up so that my chair and the one behind me were on the right side of the balance control, and the other 2 were on the left... this way, I figured if my wife complained about the effect, I could move the balance all the way over to my side, effectively turning her side off.

To make a long story short (sorry) she's never asked me to turn it off!

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