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I read through the entire "visual guide" shaker installation thread, and with everyone's help(many thanks), I have installed 6 Aura pro shakers - 4 on a couch and 2 on a recliner. They are powered by an old 2 channel Pioneer sx-2300 receiver rated @ 60wpc @ 8ohms. I have them wired 3 to a channel in series.(the middle shaker on the "chair string" is installed on the couch). The signal arrives by y-adaptor from my receiver(onkyo tx-sr875) with one cable going to a powered sub(svs pb12-nsd) and the other going to the pioneer(split again into l/r vcr input)

here are my questions:

1.) If my receiver(onkyo) or subwoofer is turned on when I power up the shaker amp, I get a popping sound from my sub that sounds exactly like I pulled or inserted the sub cable with the sub on. Is this something i need to worry about? I care a lot more about my receiver and sub than I do about the shakers, and don't want to damage them. Is there any way to fix this? do you think replacing the pioneer sx-2300 with a newer/better amp would eliminate this?

2.) If my understanding of ohms/watts is correct, my 60wpc receiver will output approx 45wpc into the 12 ohm load I have attached to it, resulting in approx 15 watts per shaker. It surely shakes nicely, but only when the pioneer volume is all the way up. If I go to a 100wpc amp, it would net about 25 watts per shaker with current wiring, do you think this would be worth it? Would I get more shake? This is my first experience with shakers and I have nothing to compare it too, so I don't really know if I am missing anything.

3.) Is there an easy way to test how much power each shaker is actually receiving? It's really hard to tell, But it seems like one of the strings *might* shake more than the other. I just like to be sure...

4.) finally, If I do decide to replace the amp, I can get a 100wpc(@8ohm) receiver for $99 locally, would that be as good or better than buying a comparably powered mono sub amp and wiring series/parallel for a 6 ohm load all on one channel?

Thanks for any help,

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