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Austrlian CRT sources??

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Does anyone have trusted sources for used Data Grade CRT PJs from within Australia? Preferably around Brisbane but I'm assuming that south is where I will need to look.

I'm just sending queries out first, I have an old 1041Q that I have on trial for a month, but I think I should be looking for better quality...

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Curt Palme does ship to Oz, [email protected]

Drop him a line and see what he can do.

This was from the CRT list that he sends out,


I've checked into sea shipping to my potential customers in Australia, and it turns out that while air shipping is expensive, shipping via sea is about $190.00 USD for 100Kg. That makes it quite feasible to send to places like Sydney from Vancouver. Note that while it can take as short as 3 weeks, it's a typical 4-6 week delivery. Note that the shipment will also be subject to handling and port fees, anyone interested in buying from me that is located in Australia might want to call a shipper in the harbor to find out what these charges might be, my shipper at this end was not sure how much they would be.

Hope this helps


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crt cinema also ship to Australia, they have some great models, but one is not too sure about the shipping costs. Curt's shipping seems very reasonable indeed..:)

There's enough in Aus that you don't have to ship from overseas.

There's a few on the HTCentral for sale page right now.
Originally posted by scroll

Does anyone have trusted sources for used Data Grade CRT PJs from within Australia?
G'day scroll ( coffee type perhaps :D )

I know of a very low hours NEC 6PG Xtra and 9PG Xtra currently available from Melbourne. The owner has them both set up exceptionally well and the greyscale tracks beautifully thanks to the help from his ColorFacts spectroradiometer :)

If you want further details shoot me a P.M.


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Nothing against benny,but i'd really check with the guys at Home Thearte Central before I bought anything,everybody knows everbody if you know what I mean.

Some people have had troubles getting to this web site,if you are one, try getting to it via DVD+PLAZA....search aussie web pages.

Scroll down the page and it will give you a direct link.

Thanks for that information...UUUMMMM!

I think that has opened up a whole can of worms regarding getting some of the {as now-in oz-seldomly seen CRT's}

Or at least replacement parts their of.

I love this forum,never ceases to amaze me what you can find out.
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I can vouch for the Xtra's Russ is referring to, I've seen the 9200 in action.

The 6200 is sitting under a custom made cloth cover - treated with respect!
Wouldn't mind a pm with the details of those PG's!
Hi Scroll,

I got mine about 1 ago form a source here in Melbourne . Mine had 7500 hrs on it when I purchased it .

A lot of hrs you may think but ,if they have come from gov. or universities , all those hours have probably been in standby mode. My projector is mint ( a 1271 ) . I run my contrast at 64 and brightness at 36, and light up the screen beautifully.

Search this forum and find out all the tips you should know when looking to buy a Projector. It is an Awesome site.

Send me a PM if you are interested , I am deliriously happy with mine.


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What is your budget? I know of a few Sony 12xx series for sale in Brisbane at the moment If you're interested in getting a Sony in Brisbane, let me know.
Forgot to mention.

As well as a few 12xx Sonys, I'm personally selling a Sony 1020 and a Barco Data 3.

If anyone in Australia is interested, contact me. :)
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