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Automation Keeps Horse Stables Safe, Comfortable

By Lisa Montgomery
Crestron automation system manages misters, fans and dispensing of fly repellent.

When the flies are biting and the mercury is boiling, it's no fun for a horse.

To keep his animals healthy and content the owner of this stable in Arizona contacted HomeSmart Inc., Scottsdale, Ariz., to install a Crestron automation system.

He was already using a Creston system to manage the lights, thermostats and A/V gear in his home, so it made sense to use the same type of system for the barn, says Jim Brunen, HomeSmart.

In fact, it made so much sense that Brunen tied the home and barn systems together so that the owners can, for example, turn on and off the lights in the barn from any keypad or touchpanel in the house.

Remote control over lights and surveillance cameras are fairly typical applications of a Crestron system. What's a bit out of the ordinary is the way the system keeps the heat and flies at bay in the barn. Seven fansone aimed at each stall and at each end of the barnkick in automatically when the temperature of the barn reaches above 80 degrees.

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Click here for photos of the install.
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