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Automation System Adjusts to Different Preferences

By Lisa Montgomery
Sophisticated home control system adjusts to the musical, video and comfort preferences of each homeowner, automatically.

Was there ever a family that shared the same taste in music? Who all felt comfortable with the thermostat set at 72? Does everyone go through the same door to the same room when they get home at night? We didn't think so.

The married couple that shares this renovated residence is no differentexcept perhaps that they have more house to deal with than most, at 25,000 square feet. She likes the house to look and feel a certain way; he prefers a totally different arrangement.

Rather than fight over the stereo, lights switches or the thermostat dial, they let their Crestron home control system adjust the electronic components automatically, depending on who happens to be home at the time. When they're both under the same roof, the system compromises, giving them each a little bit of what they like.

At-Home Mediation

The Crestron system isn't a natural negotiator. Its internal software had to be programmed by a home systems professional to react appropriately. Here's where the experts at DSI Entertainment Systems, West Hollywood, Calif., really showed their stuff, logging in more than 150 hours of custom programming. We created a number of special lighting scenes, astronomical time clock events and energy saving settings, says systems designer Josh Colletta.

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