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autoswitch problem

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I have two HDMI auto switches. With old DVD's everything is fine. The problem is when I added a Pioneer Blur ray, it seems to remain "active" when in off mode. I bought a Panasonic last year and it works fine. I needed to use it elsewhere and bought a new Panasonic. It too remains "on" when off causing the autoswitch not to switch.

So, does anyone make an auto switch that will work with newer Blu Ray's? Are their players that don't behave like this?
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Turn off quick start in settings. I use Key Digital hdmi auto switch and had same issue with a panasonic until "quick start" was disabled. No issues ever since.

Great guess, but tried that to no avail. Which switch from Digikey? The one I have is the little half circle three way one.

Of course, the faster boot is one of the attractions to the Panasonic.
So I took the Panasonic back and saw a Sharp with an HDMI input. Did they get smart? Seems no. It is designed for some phone something and only switches if the player is powered up and with the remote. At least I discovered this by downloading the manual so I can take it back unopened. Looks like I stick with pushing buttons. Makes me wonder what these designers are thinking.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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