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Auugh, discolored portion of Z4 image

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Howdy. Just got a new Sanyo Z4, ceiling mounted it and fired it up. I only have 5 hours on the bulb so far. In the middle of a movie, I noticed a discoloration in the upper right corner:


Could that be the dreaded blue polarizer? I find it hard to believe it would fail after five hours. Any advice? I bought it on ebay and it was the Japanese multilanguage version, so if it has to go to service it's gonna go to Tokyo so I'd like to avoid being w/o my new toy for a month or so. Bleech.

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Could it maybe be heat related? Today is the first time I've watched a full length movie, the last day or so I had it was more like 20-30 minutes at a time.

Here is how it is mounted. It's pretty close to the wall, but the intake vents are unobstructed:




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The right side of my Z2 image looked like that after nearly 2 yrs of use. I sent it to Sanyo and they cleaned the LCD panels.
weird... mine doesn't do that and mine is the 'states' version i believe. i saw some of those japanese versions on "that bidding site" but decided against it. spent a hundred extra bucks and ensured peace of mind by ordering form a forum sponsor.

it's unfortunate you're having issues; the Z4 is a beautiful thing. :)
Yea, I should've been cheap. I didn't read the auction close enough. doh!

Ah well. It's not heat related, I just fired it up after leaving it off about 12 hours and it is still doing it. I guess I'll try to clean the panel with the cleaning tool and if that doesn't work send it for service. -sigh-
PS.. oh yea, it IS a beautiful thing :) I didn't get a good DVD player / HDMI cable yet but I've been watching HD from my cable provider over component, man, I feel like I can reach into the screen sometimes. I LOVE the Z4, just hope I can get the issue resolved. It's not "end of the world" kinda thing, most stuff I watch is scope DVDs where you can't see it anyway..

but knowing I have an imperfection is aggravating. Oh yea, btw, when I zoom the picture the discoloration moves with the image, so I can rule out screen or lens.
It looks like something is misaligned. You'll probaby spend the money you saved (or more) sending it to a repair center and getting it fixed. Look on the internet for Projector Doctor in San Diego or Norm's Electronics in Atlanta. Not sure if either does Sanyo repairs. You might contact Sanyo as well. They might fix it for a fee.
:) "Happy days are here again...." hehe

I took the PJ down this morning to get the serial number so I could call Sanyo and start a warranty claim. Whilst down I opened the panel dusting area and just for the hell of it used the cleaning tool on all three panels. Fired it up and.. voila!! No discoloration. I was floored. It was just dust. -whew- I'm so relieved. I didn't wanna be without my baby for the month or so it'd probably take to ship to tokyo, get serviced and ship back.

Whew! Well, back to watching movies! :)
Great! Boy you are lucky! I've never seen dust do that before.
Yep that's how mine looked before I sent it to Sanyo to be cleaned . What cleaning tool did you use to clean the panels? The next time mine gets like that I'd like to avoid sending to sanyo and do it myself. I've always used compresed air, but that only works for dust blobs.

I used the tool that came with the Z4. here's a snip from the manual:


That's basically it. Actually, once I had cleaned it and fired it up it was perfect - no problem. Got home tonight and turned it on .. perfect. Flipped it over, screwed it to my mount, hung it and fired it up and... it's back. Switched it to and from ceiling mode, the discoloration stayed in the upper right. On the hunch that maybe it was somehow too tight on the screws I loosened the three M6 screws and it seemed to get alot better.

Very weird. I guess something was bending from the torque.. but I didn't turn them like He-Man or anything, heh. -shrug- I have it hung and in ceiling mode now and I can just barely see a little green discoloration, it's not at all as bad as it was. I'm afraid to loosen the M6s anymore for fear of it plummeting to its death in case the screws get too loose.
I just confirmed it, I was bored so I measured the screws and loosened them as much as possible without endangering my mount and voila.. no green tinge at all, not even the light amount I was previously happy to live with. Perfect now.

I've never heard of over tightening a screw causing color problems. Well, now we know :)
That's a little scary. I would never have guessed that tightening up mounting screws would cause that much "flexing" of the projector frame/housing....Oh well...at least its fixed and didn't cost you a repair bill....enjoy your new toy!
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