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Dear All,

i purchesed on ebay a complete system from mission 78 class: 2x781, 2x780, 780c and a subwoofer from class 75(it's huge!!)

the sisyems sounds good with my old yamaka amplifier and a cheap dvd reader but i want to upgrade them.

i have a budget of around 2000 Euros and i want to buy amplifier and dvd\\cd, my room is medium.

My idea is to buy A Pioneer VSX-AX5Ai-S + a pioneer dvd 868(to use ilink)


Denon Set AVR 3805 + DVD 3910 s

or arcam (same price level)

May i have with this price tag a sistem with sounds good (audio only??) apart being good in cinema??

I listen all genres , specially disco and pop.

Someone can help me in the choice??(i cannot hear the system before buyng them!!;( )

I looked in this forum and somebody says that denon-mission is not a good choiche..

please help

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