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AV distribution recommendation / new home

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First timer here. Thanks for all the great reading on the site.


Overview: Currently building a two storey house. Looking to wire for distributing Sat and DVD distribution. Prefer to keep the equipment in the lounges and feed 3 rooms from there.



Upper lounge Sat and DVD -> (i) M/bedroom, (ii) Garage, (iii) Desk/office

Lower Lounge Sat and DVD -> (i) Bed 1, (ii) Bed 2, (iii) Bed 3


And noting;
  • Not very interested in having upper and lower lounges connected. Just thinking of it as a separate system. Will but 3xCat6 between just in case.
  • No interested in having speakers wired through walls/ceilings/rooms. Only exception is the lounges that will have rear channels (so just HDMI distribution over Cat6).
  • Intend to do the upper lounge shortly and leave the lower lounge for a few years (once the kids grow up)
  • Preference to keep equipment in lounges stems from being;(i) central to the areas (i.e. changing a DVD) (ii) ability to change components easily (iii) lesser reliance on in wall wiring (like front speakers) and, (iv) I have the space for it and like seeing home theatre amps etc.


Other notes:
  • House will be very difficult to re-wire so prefer to use Cat6 for future flexibility (no
  • The house is in New Zealand but happy to import gear/systems (and advice ;-)


Floor plans are provided in case anyone want to have a look at the layout.


QUESTION: Is there a “lower grade” system that is well suited to this requirement?


There seems to be high-end systems like Control4 and then at the opposite end of the spectrum HDMI 4x4 matrix (and maybe a universal remote). What I cannot find is the middle ground of a well-controlled basic system.


By well controlled, I mean I can have a single remote in the garage or M/bedroom and be able to play a DVD or switch back and watch Sat. I can accept the system is a little crude but that’s ok (i.e. I change the Sat channel and it changes in the lounge).


Am I missing something? Can anyone recommend products or a system for me to look at?


Happy for people to provide links to information/threads too.


Thanks in advance.


UpperFP.JPG 185k .JPG file
LowerFP.JPG 185k .JPG file


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I have a similar setup(future).. I am planning on using HDMI Matrixes, HDMI Extenders and Logitech Harmony remotes to accomplish it.. Logitech makes apps for Android and iOS.. so I can use tablets mounted on the walls for control as well as the remotes.. or even my phone
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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