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I have a project whereby I need to look at upgrading an existing AV Distribution system. However I need to keep a few things in mind before I can go ahead and upgrade it. I would like to ask for support and advice on what system(s) to look at which will match what I am looking for.


The points I need to keep in mind (as the distribution system must be able to handle these) are:


1) Split Projection

In the first room: 2 projectors capable of simultaneous projection.

In the second room: 3 projectors capable of either centre only, left & right projection, or any combination thereof.


2) Ability to mirror projectors from one room to the other with 2-way audio.

3) Each room must be able to operate independently of the other.

4) Video preview of the currently selected source must be displayed on the touch panel.

5) Video sources must be able to be annotated over on the touch panel. Annotations made this way must also be projected.

6) Both rooms must be able to be monitored remotely using the existing Fusion RV and RMS monitoring systems.

7) All aspects of both rooms must be able to be controlled remotely.

8) Any video source must be able to be routed to any output with no restrictions.

9) Audio source selection must primarily follow video selection, however must also be able to be independently selected.

10) All equipment must be 2-way controlled, preferably over RS-232 where available.


The Distribution centre must be able to handle different sources

1) Mac, PC, Latop, Wireless Microphones, Projectors etc.

2) It must also be able to handle HDBaseT, HDMI, VGA+Stereo Audio input/output and 100V Line Stereo Audio & 100V Line Mono Audio

3) Banks of individually controlled lighting

4) Dimmable functionality


With the above in mind, I am looking at a system that is the next level to the above. Something that can handle the above while providing features for future-proofing so when better cables/audio/video etc comes out.


I understand this is quite a challenging project, but I would appreciate ideas and suggestions of A/V distribution models available on the market in order to allow me to investigate further.



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You should pay for a A/V consultant to come in and identify your full system needs and functionality and put together a system design. This system, fully installed and programmed, I would expect to be in the $100,000+ range. You should be looking at competitive bids coming in on the same equipment list and scope of work with a defined scope of work. The company that does the consulting should not be available for the system installation as they would write to their strong points. You should be open to those companies that bid that want to change out equipment for newer/better/alternative gear AFTER the aware and with written reason as to why it makes sense to switch things out.

This is a Crestron/AMX level system with digital switching. Crestron DM handles all the VGA/HDMI connectivity with their switchers, as does Extron and AMX.

But, you are actually talking about 24-40 hours or more of design time and tens of thousands of dollars or more of equipment to be utilized at the end of it all. I'm thinking that while there is expertise on these forums, you really need to budget for professional consulting with, at the very least, a basic drawing set put in place which not only identifies your needs exactly, but provides a specific solution so that bids can be measured against each other appropriately and that you can meet the sales and engineering groups with different companies so that the job is done properly.

Obviously, since you have Fusion (Crestron) then there is appropriate Crestron gear and the V series panels (V12/V15/V24) can handle the need for annotation and all the source control, routing, etc. Combined with the proper control system such as a new CP3, AV3, or Pro3 and a DM switcher and you are good to go. Audio needs will depend on the sources and how they are to be used. If microphones, etc. are necessary than a DSP may be needed to handle all audio, such as the new Biamp Forte gear, or it may be able to be handled in some other way.

AMX offers their RMS enterprise solution with similar panels and control options.

The lighting is entirely separate really. It depends on what lighting is in place as to how it is controlled. This could be a Crestron specific solution, or it could be done with a Lutron Grafik Eye solution which is easily controlled as well.
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