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AV Distribution with future HA

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So after much research, I think I have a plan. We just bought a house that is partially wired for sound, and partially wired with cat5e. By this I mean, there are speaker wires in wall and cat5e for internet and one cat5e in wall for a keypad. I'll be adding to the wires for video.

With this plan, there's very little distribution to the non-master bedrooms, since we don't have kids yet and guest visits are short and infrequent, we'll add those later. Those will require more than the 6 zones available.

My goal:

To get an expandable system that allows for a 5.1 system and a 7.2 system in house, which is kind of why I didn't want to go with the Russound VM1.

Whole house audio:

Russound C series amp for whole house audio distribution

6x C series keypads

In wall speakers:

The Speaker Company NTIW25

Living room audio:

Marantz SR5003

5 Totem speakers

1 SVS PB10 sub

Theater Room:

Marantz Sr7001

SVS MTS-01 Towers and Center

4x SVS SBS-01 surrounds (had them already from a previous 5.1, wanted to recycle)

2x SVS PB12

Component video distribution:

Avatrix AVX-661-NR

Avatrix 1172 - to connect to whole house audio using source mode

Audio Authority baluns

To be added later:

Elk M1 Gold and various accessories for lighting, security, irrigation, pool control (currently there's a Jandy system in place so I wanted to integrate it)


A couple touchscreens with PCs (PCs to be placed in basement with all other equipment)

UPB light dimmers

Surveillance cameras

My questions are:

1. What do you think of the plan?

2. Does anything not mesh well together?

3. I've heard Russound amps put out a good amount of power, will it be enough?

4. Will I need a zone amp if I want to add subzones?

Thanks in advance!
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