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AV Receiver Question

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I am in the process of shopping for a new receiver. I have used this site before to do some research, but I am new to posting something in a forum. I will be upgrading my speakers as well, and could use some advice on that too. I am currently looking at an Onkyo TX-SR876 and a Denon AVR-2809CI. For speakers I was going to check out the new Klipsch ICON W series. I have not read any reviews on those, but I will be taking a listen to them this weekend. Other speakers I have thought about were the B&W 600 series, or the Klipsch reference speakers. Majority of what I will use the system for (70%) will be movies / TV. I have a medium size room, but plan on moving soon, which would bring me into a larger room. Would like to keep it around a thousand for a receiver, and fifteen hundred for my main fronts and center. Thanks for helping out in my decision making process!
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Those receivers are completely different. The 2809 might be more comparable to a 706 or 806 methinks. The 876 has a lot more in terms of video processing than most receivers. You'd have to jump up to the 5308 in Denon's line to even begin comparing VP.

However, I'd reconsider your budget, and spend more on speakers/sub, and less on electronics. Just make sure whatever you choose has preouts on the receiver so that you can add an amp if ever necessary.
thanks for the response!
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