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Hi All. The AV Science official party will be from 7 PM till 10 PM, Friday night, the 9th of September in Indy, at the Tavern on South, 423 West South Street, Indianappolis IN 46225. All are invited. The announcement of the location etc, within easy walking distance of the Cedia Expo, is posted elsewhere.

We are also doing two dinner get togethers. One on Thursday night, and one on Weds night. None on Friday because of the party and none on Sat because the show gets over at 5PM and many are leaving Indy after the show closes on Saturday.

The dinners are not free and involve group splitting of the check. The party is free, as always.

Please go to the thread in the $20K forum for details and sign ups for the dinners. I am arranging the Weds night one, and forum member Jeff The Bland is arranging the Thurs night one.
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