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AV Shelving Size

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I've got a question for anyone who can answer it. I am to the point where I need to do the framing for my AV Cabinet. What are the "Industry Standard," measurements for the typical shelf size. I.E. - How wide should I go and how deep should I go?

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I am at the same point as you and just bought a "relay rack" from racksolutions.com. The shelves I picked up are 20" deep (overkill) and 17.6" wide which is just wide enough for the amp I'm getting (which is my widest component). This should give it a clean built in look with no real overhang on the sides.
17.6" wide which is just wide enough for the amp I'm getting
Just make sure that there's room for air circulation around your amp or you'll run into trouble. I made sure that I had about an inch of airspace all the way around my components so I wouldn't run into trouble with heat-related issues.

The width of the shelf is actually a little wider than 17.6, and the width of the rack itself is 20.25" so that will give about an inch and a half on either side of the amp. I am also planning a fan on the back of my rack to help dissipate heat. The shelves are ventilated themselves as well.

If your shelves are going to be accessable from the rear then the width (side to side) can be pretty tight - I'd say 18".

If your shelves are not accessable from the rear (mine are not) then you'd probably want to go a bit wider, thus leaving enough space to manuver equipment into position.

Depth - 20" inches would be good. Again, it depends on if the back is open or not.

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I am building a door for the back of my equipment rack, which I think would be pretty crucial if you're going toward a narrow rack like the one I'm planning.
Rack width is 19", and many devices have rack faces on them.

A Middle Atlantic Slim-5 rack is a good investment for a professional equipment rack, the standard Slim-5 is 20" deep, but certain amplifiers, receivers, and jukebox changers are deeper than this (the Lexicon RV-8 receiver and Sony DVCX-777ES 400 disc changer come to mind as a common items)

If your rack opening opens into a closet or mechanical room, make it as deep as it needs to be...
My shelves are 18" deep. Just deep enough for the A/V receiver, even with banana plugs sticking straight out of the speaker connections. They're also deep enough for the PC I put in there.

Mine are not accessible from the rear, so I second the idea of making them wide enough to maneuver the equipment or even turn it around to mess with the cables.
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