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From the very first run.

I have a working AV123 MWF-15 Subwoofer that I am willing to sell or trade for another sub woofer. I bought it new and it's just too much for my house. It hardly comes on because I don't crank the volume up so it has always been useless to me. I don't even notice when it isn't on. I have no idea why I even waited this long to sell it, lol.

Looks great. All black.

Only 2 issues.

1) The wood that holds the fabric cover split on one side. (Dog ran into it) I glued it with liquid nails. You cannot tell it was ever damaged.

2) About 8 months ago the sub woofer started to hum intermittently, and rarely. A slap on the side stops the humming. I'm not an audiophile but I'm sure it's just something loose with the connectors or something.

Would trade for a decent smaller sub, or make me a cash offer.

The thing is heavy so no shipping.

I am located in the 805 area code in Southern California


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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