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Originally Posted by GregK /forum/post/19577909

For "only" $400


But hey- Sell off the Panny 3-D glasses and BluRay player, then it's not too shabby...

If it included the BD player, it wouldn't be such a bad deal, but unfortunately it only includes the glasses. Of course, this is wonderful news if you own a Panasonic TV and have been looking for extra glasses. Ebay will soon be flooded with them.

I've been getting all my glasses for less than $95 per pair via Ebay and Craigslist. (Samsung glasses). A couple of them I got for only $50 each! It's nice, because now I have 6 total pairs for when friends come over. This is all because of the Monsters vs. Aliens Starter pack, and people buying that package, and keeping the movie, but selling the glasses separately. It's all supply and demand. Too many of those Samsung glasses ended up on Ebay separately, which drives down the price. Same thing should happen with the Panny glasses now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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