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Don't know if you saw this already, but I just found it. James Cameron takes on a whole new greatness for me. He is a total Geek. Much like Stanley Kubrick was famous for using a space 
Ziess lens and fitting it to a very expensive cherished, [/URL]
BNC Camera [/URL] for
in total candle light[/URL] for his masterpiece 
Lyndon[/URL] ; James designs cameras and shoots them himself  like Stanley did . However, Stanley didn't use this monster! LOL


Here James employs a " beam splitte r" system to create varying depths of parallax that would be impossible with a side by side lens rig. 


Stanley Kubrick also used a "beam splitter" for his technical knockout masterpiece of cinema:
A Space Odyssey[/URL] , for front screen projection . Especially noticeable in the leopard shots where the backs of the retinas on the animals eyes directly reflected back into the lens, acting like the " ScotchLite ," material used to reflect the nature scenery footage, while on set.  The front screen projection, was used in favor of the rather poor traveling matte system that was far too unrealistic at the time. 


Here is a look at the behind the scenes  of the front light set up for 2001.


So cheers to you James Cameron! 
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