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AVCHD format resolution

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i have a quick question that i have not been able to find a answer for, what resolution does the AVCHD format record in? is it 1440x1080 like HDV or is it 1920x 1080 thanks in advance
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AVCHD can record both 1440x1080 and 1920x1080 formats. All depends on the camera. Panasonic released the SD1, which records at 1440x180, and then they just recently released the SD3, which captures and records to 1920x1080. So it can do both. I believe the new Canon HR10 AVCHD cam. records at 1920x1080.
even if a AVCHD camera can record in 1920x1080, is AVCHD still considered not as good as the HDV format in terms in pq?
Yes, from the miriad of online reviews by those who've done hands-on comparisons between these 2 formats, that is the going concensus. HDV still has superior picture quality. If it wasn't for this fact, I may have jumped on the AVCHD bandwagon. Maybe as the format matures, and/or as the recorded bitrate increases, I'll consider these cameras down the road. Right now I'm very comfortable with owning a tape-based camera. They're not going away anytime soon.
I guess we should ask, who has done direct comparisons with a AVCHD camcorder vs. HDV?

David, Ken?
Here's a good place to start:




(in this portion of the review on the Canon HV20, there are some comparisons made between AVCHD and HDV)
Although HDV camcorders are currently the better ones, the only truly fair comparison would be for a test site to review two identical cameras, that is to say two cameras using exactly the same lens, sensor, and image processing but differing solely in their final compression algorithm. To the best of my knowledge, such a comparison has never been done.
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