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Average frame rate toooo low...help!

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Hi folks..

I m using ffdshow with mplayer classic and my frame rates are reported at 11.07fps...I tried reclock but same problem...

how can i get this thing up to 29.67?


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A little more information such as the following would help in offering a solution:

What graphics card are you using with what resolution over what interface?

What is your CPU utilization on what CPU?
The video caard is a Nvidia FX5700/256meg agp 8x...

resolution is 1440X960 on the desktop...

cpu utilisiation while i watch this is 39% (acording to analogX)

average frame rate is 14.7 in media player classic

thanks again

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If you lower the resolution to 1280x720 does the Frame Rate improve? If yes then this would indicate that your 5700 card can not process the incoming frames and output them fast enough.

I will give the lower resolution a try and see...

I didn't think about that one since it works perfeclty with zoomplayer...but I am not using ffdshow there...only vrm9

Thanks again

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