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I just received my Avia disc, and I really need some basic help.

Is the first time ever for me, and I am trying to calibrate a Nec LT150z.

I just attempted a basic calibration on the LT150z, and I am left with a lot of question marks...



VGA Connection to the LT150z

FL Day filter

Blackout material screen


1) White Level (Contrast)

I have several different options:

- adjust the contrast on the service menu of the projector (which I tried) the global setting with numeric indication of the level (easier to track and record your optimal setting)

- use the individual contrast levels of Red Blue and Green in the service menu

- use the contrast level control in my HTPC. I have a WinXP HTPC, with a Radeon 7500 video card, and the 6071 drivers. I use Zoom Player, with overlay color control... I tested using Zoom Player to modify the contrast (or saturation or gamma) with absolutely 0 results... I tested it taking it down to 0, and I had no results... the picture just doesn't change.

Which one should I choose?

When the LT150z is projecting the test picture, the two top cells are brilliant white, or desappear, no matter how I shift contrast. If I bring it all the way down to 0 (global control) it just goes black.

What level should Brightness be when I start the process? Standard level?

Now that I am looking at the test picture with my Laptop, I can see the cells distinction neatly, as the two bars scrolling in the white bit at the bottom... When the LT150z is projecting the test picture, I just cannot see the bars, no matter how low or high I set the brightness..

2) Black Level (Brightness)

No problems here, I could see the bars quite clearly, and I found the perfect spot very quickly.

3) Sharpness

The button for Sharpness is grayed out even in the service menu... How do I control that on the LT150z?

4) Saturation

5) Hue

How do I control points 4) and 5)? The buttons for Saturation and Hue are grayed out in the service menu, and I cannot control them. When I change the values via Zoom Player, it doesn't change the picture... what can I do?

Thanks for anyone that will provide any advice...
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Good thread, but it also is really about TVs, and not DLP projectors.

I can see very well the patterns on my CRT monitor.

I cannot see some of them on the PJ...

I have the sharpness control on my TV, I cannot find it on my PJ.

It is really the basics that I need to clarify... Luca, (sono italiano anch'io by the way....)

Good to see there is another fellow Italian on board!

I really would like someone that has the LT150z (Guy Kuo has one... ;)) to bring some light on the points above, to see if I am perhaps looking in the wrong direction...
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-- I can see the cells distinction neatly, as the two bars scrolling in the white bit at the bottom... When the LT150z is projecting the test picture, I just cannot see the bars, no matter how low or high I set the brightness.. ---

This means that something is clipping the top end of the video signal before it gets to the projector. The most likely culprit is the overlay contrast control of the HTPC. Hook up a CRT computer monitor to the HTPC and adjust the overaly controls to make the moving white bars visible. That will let you make sure there isn't any clipping.

There are no sharpness controls per se but you should turn off the video filter on the LT150. I can't recall where it is in the menues of hand.

Color saturation and hue cannot be set on the LT150 when RGB video is being displayed. That is normal. If the HTPC is correctly set up you can adjust them using the video overlay controls. From what I am reading, your overlay controls aren't working or you are using the wrong ones.
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Thanks Guy...

I guess I should first try to play with it the contrast control on the HTPC, directly in the desktop proprieties.

I have a 7500 Radeon ATI card, which has two outputs. So when I ran the Avia Disk, I could see the display pattern on both my monitor and the projected image on the wall. And on the CRT the image looked fine... I will have another try, and try to swap the cables around as well (at the moment the monitor is going via DVI-dongle, while the PJ is plugged in the normal RGB output of the card.

I have a feeling that my overlay controls (via Zoom Player) are not working because I have no entries in the registry. I will have a look into that as well.

Thanks for your help Guy. Your response time is nothing short of amazing.

Have a great weekend, and may the force be with you!
Ok, I need some help here.

I can use Power Strip or the Drivers Overlay Controls to change gamma, brightness, contrast etc...

What I want to know is how do you set an absolute value... so I know that we are comparing apples with apples. I cannot find the settings in the registry..

What values you guys are using as standard for Brightness and Contrast on the HTPC? I would like to set those and then use the Avia disk to set my brightness and contrast level on the Projector...

Do you use Powerstrip or the Drivers panel to set those levels?
Get display mate first. Setup uisng their setup screens and the controls on your dlpin thje order they suggest. Then adjust the controls in your DVD player to opimize for dvds.

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