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AVIA or Internal Test Tone for SPL calibration???

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I am trying to make sure my system is calibrated correctly. I am using the RatShack SPL meter and I can't decide what to use for my test tone source. I have a Lexicon DC-2 and with it's internal SPL my sub comes in at about 75db. However, if I use the AVIA test tone it works fine for all my other speakers as they come up at equal db on both my Lexicon and AVIA...BUT my sub comes up at about 5db too high using the Avia test disc (in other words I need to turn down my sub according to AVIA). Which is correct the Lexicon internal tones or the Avia?

Also, on the Avia I am using the tone that switches from Front Left Speaker to Sub for setting the level I could not find a test for the LFE or sub only. I assume this is the correct one to use.

I have the new DVE disc and using that I also get a 5db too high reading, but that is correct according to Joe Kane who says that the DVE disc has a 5db hot signal. So, since I am correct with the DVE and my internal Lexicon test tone for the sub maybe I should forget about the AVIA. UNLESS...some one out there thinks I am wrong.

I use the Revel B-15 sub.

Thanks in advance...whay can't this be easy???

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The test tones that you get from those test discs are typically more accurate than the internal tone generators with receivers. That's partly because most of the internal generators output a wideband test tone that includes the low frequencies. When sent through the main, center, and surround speakers, this creates greater interaction with the room acoustics and can potentially distort the SPL readings that you get.

Avia uses a narrower band test tone that avoids the low frequencies, and is less prone to room-induced errors. Not sure if their subwoofer test tone has any built in adjustments like the DVE disc.

Also, keep in mind that the accuracy of that SPL meter decreases as you go further into the lower frequency ranges.
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