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Greetings to all!

I am pleased to announce that Eliab and David Abrams of AVICAL will be coming to the Toronto/Niagara Region at the end of May.

The schedule would allow for 13-18 clients and the tour date time slots are as follows:

1. Monday, May 26th at 5:00 PM

2. Tuesday, May 27th at 9:30 AM

3. Tuesday, May 27th at 4:00 PM

4. Wednesday, May 28th at 9:30 AM

5. Wednesday, May 28th at 4:00 PM

6. Thursday, May 29th at 9:30 AM

7. Thursday, May 29th at 4:00 PM

8. Friday, May 30th at 10:00 AM

9. Sunday, June 1st at 10:30 AM

10. Sunday, June 1st at 5:00 PM

11. Monday, June 2nd at 9:30 AM

A list of services, pricing structure and other details regarding their calibration expertise can be found at the AVICAL website . They offer a full range of calibration services for almost any brand of Direct View or rear projection TV - JVC, Mitsubishi, Sony and Panasonic to just name a few. Front projector services and supplemental Videophile tweaks are also available.

To answer technical questions and/or concerns contact either Eliab at 908-531-7028 - email at [email protected] ., or David at 607-279-3728 - email at [email protected] .

Generally travel expenses would be divided among all of the tour customers. The amount is usually $50-$75 per client and would be added to the price of the calibration.

However, in an effort to keep traveling costs down, Avical/Precision Theater Consultants will be foregoing this cost as they will be providing their own transportation for this tour.

I will be acting as tour coordinator and you can reach me at [email protected] if you are interested in reserving a slot. You will have to send me your contact information:

• Name

• Address

• Telephone numbers

• Email address

• Make & model of display device

• Day/time that you would prefer

The later slots have been booked heavily so don’t delay acting on this wonderful opportunity. Having had the famed Michael TLV calibrate my Panasonic RPTV two years ago turned out to be the best investment I made in viewing enjoyment. Now I can get another one of two highly lauded calibrationists’s to tweak it even further. Manufacturers “nominal†assembly parameters don’t show the true video capabilities of these sets. You need an experienced professional to dial in your set to a new level of video clarity.


Dan (aka hdtvguy)

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Actually, Eliab and I will be driving on this particular tour. Usually when we do a tour together we like to drive. This is one less thing that clients will have to worry about on this trip.

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