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I received the 8540-1 mount as a gift to use with my avion 8527 cabinet. I had a

question about mounting the universal mount bars to the back of my LG 52LBX TV.

In the picture it shows the mounting bars being fastened to the TV through the

bottom set of slots in the bar. The holes in the top of the bar match up with

the mount screwholes on the back of my set. I assume I should use these smaller

holes since they line up. Should I flip the mounting bars over so the small

holes are on the bottom? I initially mounted the bars with the small holes on

the top (I have attached a picture to make it more clear). I wanted to

doublecheck before I put the TV up onto the stand.

Additionally, if I use the small holes to attach the mounting bars, do I still

need to use the provided washers?

I sent this question to BDI customer support also, but they are closed until Monday and I am anxious to get this installed before I have to go back to work on Monday.

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