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Hello. Here are my specs

Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0ghz

X1950 PRO 256DDRAM3

4 GIG OCZ DDR2 800hz

80gig - WinXP

500gig - Vista

So I have the option of booting into either XP or Vista.

On XP, I can change the color , do interlace and everything in the AVIVO tab in the Catalyst driver. Which means, when I play a video I can change the brightness , contrast right away. I play alot of mkv or HD stuff.

On Vista , I try to adjust the settings in AVIVO but it does do anything to the videos being played.

I googled and learned that you need certain decoders etc. On the XP boot, I found out that the decorder was set to CyberLink Video/SP Decoder (PDVD8. So I downloaded K Lite and use VMCD along with DECCHECK to set the default codec to CyberLink.

It did not work. I even set it to ATI Mpeg decoder, and it still doesnt work. I cant seem to get AVIVO to work on the Vista boot. It works fine on the XP boot. I boot into Vista and just keep XP as a back up. But I want to use AVIVO to change the contrast and color. I'm not asking to use the hardware acceleration because I already know media player classic and VLC does not support it.


I want to use Media Player Classic to play mkv etc.

Downloaded K lite codec. The files play.

I want to change the color , contrast etc in the AVIVO setting.

Does not work for Vista but works for XP.

Please help.
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