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AVPro Edge HDR Problem

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AVPro edge AC-EX40-444-KIT set to EDID passthrough. A 4K Blu-ray player is directly connected to the extender and then over Cat 6 to a JVC NX7 projector. 1080p and 2160p sources (including 2160p 24 / YUV 12 bit / BT.2020) work reliably through the extender EXCEPT that the projector when set on Auto does not recongize HDR and stays on SDR.

I can manually switch the projector to HDR and the image is correct, but the Auto setting recognizes those sources as SDR even with the correct colorimetry including BT.2020.

When I connect the Blu-ray player directly to the projector it recognizes HDR correctly.

Accordingly, it appears that the extender is not transmitting some sort of flag for HDR to the projector that is transmitted when there is a direct connection.

Please offer your suggestions.
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Not entirelely clear what the issue was, but it is solved. Set the User EDID when the projector was on HDR content (set manually), copied the EDID as per manual, powered off AVR and extender, and it all works fine. Should stick through power outages but may not if someone messes with the extender's EDID settings button. If that happens, repeat above. The extender "learns" the projectgor's capabilities via this process and everything syncs up with power resets.

Kudos to first rate tech support from AVPro Edge. Nice to see a tech company in South Dakota. No way I could pull fiber from AVR to projector and the image is superb, so thankful they have this tech.
Yup, AVPro makes the good stuff and the people are the real deal. Glad it worked out for you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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