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I set up my Zone 2, and since the iPod that I have connected has to be at the highest level for sound to come out I also put the receiver at its highest sound. I noticed that the receiver started to turn off and the red light started flashing very quickly. I checked the speaker connections and they are fine. I also unplugged the receiver and reconnected the speaker wire. Those things did nothing.

I thought I may be blowing the amp for the Zone 2 because I have the sound so high (i use a volume control knob for the Zone 2 speakers so I figured I would put the receiver at the highest level and then just adjust the sound with the control knob). I turned the sound down to -10db and I haven't done a lot of testing but seems to have fixed it.

Has anyone had this issue before? I am looking for any other ideas as to why the receiver may be turning off.

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