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Avr-2310CI - Zone 2 output with HDP source

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I have my Apple TV connect to the HDP source and can play it fine on the Main zone, but cannot seem to get any output on Zone 2.

Can HDP sources be output on Zone 2? If so, what am I doing wrong? I turn Zone 2 on, select HDP source, but nothing. Selecting a source like IPOD or Tuner output just fine to Zone 2.


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I forgot to mention this is a Denon Model.
Hi pneudecorb, only analog input sources are output to Zone 2. You will need analog (white & red) audio cables from each source for Zone 2 output.
Ah, I was afraid of that. The newer apple tvs only provide digital output, so I guess it's a nogo for zone 2 output.
An optical to analog converter will work ( see monoprice #6884 ) plus you’ll also need two cables to make this work — an optical cable and the analog cable with red/white RCA jacks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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