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Hey folks, I wanted to ask the Denon people for suggestions on the setup menus relating to the speakers I have.

I also have 6 analog wires from my DVD player to the Ext. In Inputs on my AVR3803 for DVD Audio. Of course I have toslink also for Dolby Digital..

My equipment is as follows..

Denon DVD 1200 (DVD AUDIO)

Denon AVR-3803,

Fronts Klipsch KG 5.5 mains (twin 8 " drivers)

Center Klipsch KLF C7 (twin 8" drivers)

Side surrounds Klipsch RS-3's

Rear surrounds Klipsch synergy towers

Subwoofer Mirage BPS400 (dual 12's)

Speaker Configuration:

Large or Small?

Obviously all my speakers can withstand a full signal at volume but I was wondering which sounded better for HT?

Crossover Frequency:

Really no clue what to assign here.. It's at 80hz currently.


Currently it's set on LFE because digital sources have too much bass on the oter setting. Wish there was one button to change this setting. I can't even make a macro on my Pronto on this one.

Dolby Digital Downmix Option Setup

Compression on or off? No clue on this one either..
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